Monday, August 1, 2016

An Email Exchange With the Woman Attorney From the Last Post

Following the last post, I have had an email exchange with the woman attorney who started to get up to open the door to the courtroom, but then sat back down. I promised her the last word if she would allow me to post the exchange. Therefore, while I would otherwise have much to say about her last email to me, I will keep my word and not pursue it further on the blog. Anyone who wishes to have a further discussion can email me directly.

Me: "You got up to open the door to the courtroom, and then sat down before doing so because the other attorney said not to because I'm a Republican. Seriously? Is that what we've come to? I was very disappointed. Call if you'd like."

The woman attorney: "I think I was in total disbelief that you could possibly be a Republican supporting Trump, which is what I gleamed from the other attorney's comment. I can't imagine how you can support the views that comes out of that man's mouth. To me anyone that supports him disrespects women, minorities, humanity and simply the decency of this country and its' security."

"It is very telling and quite frankly, it has come to this. Apparently you believe Trump should be the one nominating our next Supreme Court Justices, and that absolutely sickens my stomach. This isn't a Republican v Democrat thing. There are plenty of Republicans who repudiate everything that Trump stands for. You may have been very disappointed and I am sorry that you felt this way, but really, anyone who could support Trump and especially an observant Jew; (who knows what happens when you persecute groups of people) really blows my mind. Enough said."

Me: "Please give me the courtesy of a few words in reply. How well do we really know each other? Like you, I represent injured workers. We have three adult children - 2 daughters and 1 son. We encouraged our daughters to achieve, same as our son. One daughter is back in school getting an MBA. The other daughter has a Masters in mathematics and works at an aerospace company. (As an aside, she has a "secret" security clearance, and if she did what Hillary did she'd be in prison already.) I love my daughters and they love me."

"I raised all our kids with what I called the No. 1 Rule - always do the right thing, regardless of what anyone else is doing. Now, to your issues. Yes, I am a Republican. Trump was never my first, second, tenth or any choice. I have said, and I said to the other attorney, that I believe we have the worst two choices for President in my lifetime. I am, at times, disgusted by the words that leave Trump's mouth."

"So, here are a few questions for you. Do you prescreen all applicants (injured workers) before agreeing to take their case and ask if they are a Democrat or Republican? Aside from all my usual aches and pains from my chronic orthopedic problems, my knees have been bothering me. As the other attorney was near the door I asked him to prop it open. When I enter or leave any public place I hold the door open for everyone - male, female, young, old, everyone. I do not ask their party affiliation first."

"What should I make of your support for Hillary? After all, she defended her husband, the sexual predator, against many women who made serious allegations against Bill. What should I make of Obama and Hillary's mistreatment of the Israeli leader? Do you know who Sidney and Max Blumenthal are? Do you agree that Jews should leave Israel because the land belongs to the Arabs?"

"Are you aware of the tremendous shift the Democratic party has taken away from Classical Liberalism? Did you see the Palestinian flag at the Democratic convention? Did you see them burning the Israeli flag outside? I write a political blog. Yes, it's conservative. But attorneys on your side of the fence read it. Aside from my opinions, I provide a lot of information that you may not find in the mainstream media. Before you get "sick to your stomach" why not see what I have to say? If you have any interest, it is at: By the way, my daughters set up and named the blog for me."

"I would like to ask a favor. I would like to post our email exchange on my blog. If you allow me to do so, I will not put your name anywhere, and I will give you the last word if you want to reply to this, without further comment by me."

"One more question. If I was walking out of the Court one day and saw you being assaulted by someone, should I stop and help? Or, now that I know your feelings towards Republicans, should I just keep walking? It's just a rhetorical question. After all, all three of my kids would be extremely disappointed in me if I did not follow the No. 1 Rule. All the best, Mike"

The woman attorney: "Certainly you can post my email without my name. For starters, the reason you asked that the door be propped open was because it was stuffy in the room. If you had been unable to open the door I would have opened it for you and without asking your party affiliation. While I may not agree with your views about Secretary Clinton or President Obama, I certainly don't understand your willingness to support Trump. This has nothing to do with Hillary. The fact that you could support Trump Is what I have difficulty with. I don't care if he wasn't your 1st or 50th choice."

"The fact that he is clearly unqualified, a racist, misogynist, a liar, dangerous to our national security, volatile, and far too many despicable things to list here that signify his inability to run this country is what troubles me with your decision. I myself have two amazing children. My son did his undergrad at UPenn and obtained a degree in Finance from Wharton. He then taught school for 3 years through Teach for America and obtained a Masters in Education. He just graduated from Stanford Law School. I have taught him to always give back to your country, which he did through Teach for America. He taught many amazing children from undocumented parents who only wanted their kids to get the best education possible. I couldn't be prouder of his choices in life. My daughter has her Masters from USC and manages a museum."

"Both my kids have lived in Israel. My children are Israeli citizens as is my husband along with being proud Americans, and we stand proudly in support of Hillary. I know of personal situations where Hillary has helped friends of mine including healthcare issues. This was not in front of cameras or for publicity. It is just who she is. No candidate is ever perfect. This isn't about Bill Clinton or the naked photos of Melania Trump or her plagiarized speech. This isn't about the fact that Trump has 5 children with 3 wives. This is about the safety and security and future of the country that I live in. This is not a reality TV show. When you have David Duke and Duck Dynasty supporting you and you lie about even knowing who David Duke is, and then back track and say you do, well that says it all. Let's add treason to the list if we want to talk offenses. In my world if I were a Republican in this election and didn't want to vote for Hillary, I would never, ever in a million years no matter what, vote for Trump. I have too much self respect as a woman, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a Jew, and an attorney."

"I will not address your issues with Hillary as I have said I don't agree with you, but this isn't about her. It's about your decision to support a candidate who spews hate of the worst kind and is divisive, and simply not qualified. So I guess you go for the candidate who mocks those with disabilities when you yourself obviously know what it is like. I guess you support the guy who is a misogynist when you have daughters and a wife and think that's okay. Thankfully and proudly my husband is outraged by Trump's comments about women, minorities and the disabled. It is no laughing matter. As a Jew, I was raised to help and support the underdog as we were for so long. I'm not here to build a wall and kick out the people who live here or to ban people who have a right to enter our country. You had no problem making a living off those people nor did Trump. Hypocrisy at its worst. I don't want to engage in a political battle with you. I just don't think you should commit political suicide." (There was no sign off.)