Saturday, March 27, 2010

Liberals Speaking and Acting Poorly

1. Threats. Various members of Congress have had their offices vandalized and even had death threats since the passage of Obamacare. Oddly, the threats were not limited to democrats. There has been quite an expression of outrage by the Democrat leadership. They clearly believe that the GOP and the tea partiers are behind it all; or, at least, encouraging those who commit the violence. Too bad they were not heard just as loudly when all the comments were being made about Bush. Or when there was both a book and a movie about the assassination of George Bush - while he was President! As noted in the 3/26/10 Investor's Business Daily : "Politically motivated violence is to be condemned as long as America can peacefully be kept free." Agreed. But I do recall reading about a group of people in 1776 who took up arms when taxation became overly burdensome, and King George ignored the will of the people.

Bob Herbert, leftist lying columnist for the NY Slimes bemoaned the "Absence of Class" by the GOP and tea partiers in his 3/23/10 hit piece. Said Herbert: "Back in the 1960's, John Lewis risked his life and endured savage beatings to secure fundamental rights for black Americans while right wing Republicans like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan were lining up with segregationist democrats to oppose landmark civil rights legislation." Funny how he makes it sound like all the republicans and a few "segregationist" democrats were aligned against civil rights legislation. Funny how he mentions NO democrats by name who opposed the legislation. Funny how he neglects to say that the party of Lincoln voted in the affirmative for the bill in numbers GREATER than the democrats did! That's right; 80% of the House Republicans and 82% of the Senate Republicans voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The dems? Only 61% for in the House, and only 69% for in the Senate. You see Bob, Republicans believe that all Americans should have equal OPPORTUNITY to succeed in this great country. Obama and the democrats want to take away our liberties in order to dictate equal RESULTS.

2. More on Obamacare. As we on the right know, Obamacare is NOT about healthcare, but is simply part and parcel of Obama's overall legislative agenda - SPREADING THE WEALTH AROUND! It slipped out during the campaign; and the gullible bought his subsequent back pedalling. As Larry Elder wrote in the 3/26/10 Investor's Business Daily: Never having run a business, and having no appreciation for those who have (or the long hours we put in), Obama "believes unequal outcomes are unjust and government exists to right this wrong by 'spreading the wealth.'" It is, of course, a decidedly European and socialist mentality. Here in the USA, we believe (some of us still do) that it is better to let people freely pursue their interests, and in doing so wealth is created and jobs are created and the entire society benefits.

And in the event any of you actually believe that Obamacare is about improving our healthcare, here are some interesting statistics for you. Cancer survival rates in the US for all types of cancer are 66% for men and 63% for women. In England: 45% and 53% respectively. In the US, 90% of breast cancer patients receive treatment within 3 weeks; only 70% in Canada. In the US, 23% of the people report waiting more than 4 weeks to see a specialist. That number is 57% in Canada and 60% in Britain. A specialist that could save your life! In the US, 30% of middle-aged adults get colonoscopies; only 5% do in Canada. And 11.7% of low income seniors in the US report having excellent health; only 5.8% do in Canada. And mammograms for middle-aged women? 90% in the US get tested at their check-ups; only 72% in Canada. (Statistics from the 3/24/10 Investor's Business Daily.)

But as Obama has told us, we have too much of that "unnecessary" testing and treatment in this country - you know, the kind that saves lives! As mentioned in one of my earlier columns, a physician in Canada, while acknowledging the long waits, was proud that at least everyone was treated equally. The same will apply when we have a lesser quality of care - at least it will be the same for everyone (except for our elected officials, anyway). And that, my friends, is the socialist mentality - bring everyone DOWN to the lowest common denominator; rather than LIFT everyone up as the economy grows and society improves for all.

3. Welcome to the White House - you son of a bitch! Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to the White House. Kind of. There was no red carpet. There were no photo-ops showing Obama smiling and shaking hands with Netanyahu. Instead, in the middle of their meeting, Obama announces he is going upstairs to the residence to have dinner with his family, but will return if Netanyahu has anything new for him! So here's a question: how many excuses will the liberal Jews make for Obama's incredibly disrespectful treatment of the head of state of one of our closest allies? Please, I would like to hear from you. But the Saudi King, who heads one of the most oppressive regimes in the Middle East and the world? He gets a bow! Hugo Chavez, America hating dictator of Venezuela? He gets an embrace! Netanyahu? Not so much as a handshake!

As Netanyahu said: Israel is "an outpost of freedom that prevents them (muslim terrorists) from overrunning the Middle East. When Israel stands against its enemies, it stands against America's enemies." Bravo! But does any reader (or anyone other than Obama) truly believe that if Israel stopped all building, and gave up Jerusalem, and gave up the West Bank, that the palestinians and Iran and Al Qaeda and Hamas and Hezbollah would suddenly love Israel and the US? And they would lay down their arms and stop attacking what might be left of Israel? And they would stop their terror attacks on the US and the West? Really? Does anybody REALLY believe that nonsense?

4. Ann Coulter. Ms. Coulter was to speak at the University of Ottawa last Tuesday night. Not surprisingly, leftist demonstrators prevented her from speaking. (Not unlike the way muslim demonstrators attempted to prevent Israeli ambasssador to the US Michael Oren from speaking at UC Irvine.) Bob Herbert have anything to say about the 'Absence of Class' of these people, who do not believe in free speech even in a university setting? But the provost of the University, one Francois Houle, had previously notified (warned?) Ms. Coulter in an email that she should: "educate yourself, if need be, as to what is acceptable in Canada and do so before your planned visit here." So here we have the provost of the university also not believing in free speech! He may as well as joined the demonstrators in preventing Coulter from speaking. Why not just write out a script for her as to what she is allowed to say? Kind of sounds like Obama's desire to bring back the "fairness doctrine" in order to make sure the people hear only what he thinks they should hear.

5. Dennis Prager. Mr. Prager is now a regular columnist in the LA Jewish Journal. In his 3/26/10 article he discusses "Jews and Big Government." He notes that those on the left, including many Jews, believe that the state is the "greatest single force for good in society." He notes the irony: Jews have done poorly in countries where the state is larger, and have done infinitely better in the USA where the focus is on individual liberty. Also, countries with leftist leaders are far less supportive of Israel. European countries have already ceded some of their sovereignty to the larger European Union. And Obama seems willing to cede some of our sovereignty to institutions such as the UN. As Prager says: "That Jews should yearn for a world in which the United Nations has more power than the United States is so foolish as to border on the suicidal." He goes on: "A strong, indeed a dominant, America has been a blessing for the world, for liberty and democracy - and for the Jewish people." It is not for no reason that more Jews live in the USA than any place besides Israel. And the UN? As Prager notes: "...composed largely of countries ruled by thugs." When will my fellow Jews wake up?