Friday, August 5, 2011

Letter to the Jewish Journal.

Rob Eshman is the liberal Editor-in-Chief of the Los Angeles Jewish Journal. As such, he has a column in each week's edition of the paper. Like the rest of the mainstream media, he was attacking Republicans, and Tea Partiers in particular, for the drawn out budget/debt ceiling process. At least he did not refer to the Tea Partiers as "terrorists," as some in the media (and our Vice President) have done. It is a sad commentary that most of the mainstream writings again reflect the liberal democratic belief that Republicans are not just wrong, but evil. We are "terrorists" and "jihadists" according to the left. We conservatives believe that Democrats are wrongheaded, with an ideology that will harm this country. But it is rare to see reference to the Democrats as evil. The following is my letter to the Editor.

Re: Good Leaders.

Mr. Eshman says that for Republicans to garner Jewish votes they need to, among other things, not “let ideology trump common sense.” Yet in that one short paragraph that is exactly what he does. First, he calls those Republicans holding out for the best deal possible “extremists.” Many Americans viewed them as congress members actually watching out for the people’s money. How often does that happen? Then, he says that they held our credit rating hostage to “a hurried, gun-to –the-head negotiation” in order to get what they want. Hurried? Again, a left wing talking point. The Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the Presidency for two years before this January. Yet, they were somehow unable to pass a budget; even though they had the ability to raise the debt ceiling to whatever level they wanted they failed to do so. But, as Harry Reid said, “let the Republicans have some buy-in on the debt.”

Then Mr. Eshman concludes the paragraph by saying that linking of the debt ceiling to a debate over future spending defies logic. Another leftist talking point. The average American understands the connection very well, even if Mr. Eshman’s ideology prevents him from seeing it. If we keep passing budgets with large deficits every year then the debt ceiling will have to go up. So the Republicans were essentially saying: If we raise the debt limit now, we want to do our best to prevent it from happening again and again and again. Defies logic? Actually, common sense.

Mr. Eshman ends his piece with this advice to Republicans if they want to attract a large number of Jewish voters: “…find candidates who promote strong, effective and fiscally sound government that provides security for the nation, opportunity to the entrepreneur and help to the needy.” He cites FDR as his ideal. Ironic that he does not refer to Obama. Is Mr. Eshman conceding that Obama is neither strong nor effective nor fiscally sound; and that he fails to provide security for the nation? Obviously, the amount of our national debt is not an issue for our President. And like the two democratic presidents before him, he is doing his best to slash defense spending. As for FDR, he was not exactly fiscally sound. It has been argued by many that government spending under FDR prolonged the depression. I can only conclude that if Mr. Eshman were serious about these issues, and not just making another leftist talking point, he would be a registered Republican.