Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obama's Remaking of the USA into Europe

1. Obamacare. We've heard all the lies from Obama: the American people are demanding we do this; spending $1 trillion dollars (every government projection of the cost of new programs is significantly underestimated) will reduce the budget deficit; medical care will be improved; there will be no new taxes; health insurance premiums will go down; and there will be no rationing of care.

We continue to see the buying of votes. The latest occurred in the Central Valley of California. Democrat fence sitters from the Central Valley, Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza, got a nice boost from the O. team. Representing people in the fertile (when irrigated) Central Valley, they have miraculously seen the water turned back on; after being turned off to protect the delta smelt. Never mind that billions of dollars were lost by growers, thousands were put out of work, and a major source of food for the USA and the world was cut off because of this tiny fish. We had to protect the delta smelt - well, until O. needed a few more votes for Obamacare. So the Dept. of the Interior is increasing the water supply to the Central Valley - the hell with that delta smelt now! (Information from the 3/19/10 Investor's Business Daily.) This vote buying comes on the heels of the "Cornhusker Kickback" and the "Louisiana Purchase," and the union buy-out. But if you can't buy the votes - just threaten them! Rep. Bart Stupak, a holdout because of the abortion issue, states that he has been threatened with ethics complaints now! Nothing like that good old style Chicago politics. (As reported in the 3/16/10 Wall Street Journal.)

With passage of this measure, we will be equal to the Europeans in terms of government involvement in our economy - nearly 50% government control. Does it matter that Medicare already has $37.8 TRILLION of unfunded obligations, and may be bankrupt by 2017? Of course not. (Data from the 3/15/10 IBD.) They can always tax us to death (never even an issue for the dems) or print more money, which will continue to lose value and lower the USA's credit worthiness in the world.

Once our healthcare system becomes like Canada's and England's, where will the rest of the world go for treatment? Recently, the premier of Newfoundland, one Danny Williams, came to Miami, USA for heart surgery. When asked why not stay in Canada, he replied: "This was my heart, my choice and my health." (From the 3/18/10 IBD.) In the same article, it is reported that British doctors have taken to not advising their patients about even life saving drugs - when they know those drugs will not be available under the British system.

The highly regarded New England Journal of Medicine reports that about 30% of primary care doctors would consider dropping out if Obamacare is passed. And fully 55% expect a DECLINE in the quality of Americans' healthcare. (As reported by Bill O'Reilly in the 3/20/10 Ventura County Star.) Previously, the IBD reported that 45% of the physicians polled said they would consider giving up the practice of medicine. (As reported in the 3/18/10 IBD; results from an IBD/TIPP poll.)

So what do We the People really want? How much do we trust our government in Washington to truly watch out for us? In another IBD/TIPP poll, an astoundingly low 3% of the people said they feel the federal government can be trusted to do the right thing almost always. Another 13% felt that the feds could be trusted most of the time. But 25% felt that the feds could NEVER be trusted; and 58% felt that, at best, the feds could be trusted some of the time. In the same poll, 64% of the people felt that the feds had too much power already. (As reported in the 3/17/10 IBD.) So I urge that we the people work for conservative candidates and show up in November and let these democrats know what we think of their unethical, illegal and unconstitutional behavior!

2. Obama vs. Israel. Like Europe, Obama has taken on a decidedly anti-semitic and anti-Israel attitude. Of course, this comes as no surprise to those of us who questioned his affiliation with the likes of Rev. Wright, and other far left Israel haters. So, other than O's inherently anti-semitic attitude (he has been to numerous muslim countries as president, but not once to our ally Israel), does he have some other agenda as well? Apparently he does. It appears he decided to keep the heat on Israel, and specifically Netanyahu, in order to try to drive a wedge between Netanyahu and the Israeli people; all in the hopes of having the far more liberal Tzipi Livni either take over or be part of a new coalition government. So far, it's not working. The people of Israel do not expect to give up part of their Capital city. In fact, when Jordan had control of the Old City,in the eastern part of Jerusalem, from 1948 through 1967, numerous Jewish holy sites were destroyed. Israel just restored and reopened the Hurva synagogue in the Old City. And, of course, the Arabs are protesting. How interesting that Obama is pushing for "regime change" in our ally Israel with a democratically elected leader. And Iran? Anybody?

The responsibility for the Day(s) of Rage, promoted by Hamas, and resulting in violent protests in the West Bank can all be laid at the feet of Obama. The 3/18/10 rag also known as the LA Times had on page three an "interview" with Mustafa Barghouti, a member of the PLO's central council. Noting the pressure that Obama is putting on Israel, he felt that sitting back and doing nothing was not the way to go. And clearly, the leaders of Hamas got the message also - whatever we do, Obama will blame it on Israel for not giving up their country to the arabs.

At one point, Barghouti said that Israel "hasn't done anything" in an effort to make peace. This went completely unchallenged by the so-called reporters at the LA Slimes. Why not point out to this terrorist that Israel accepted a very tiny bit of land in the UN partition of 1948. But the Arab world attacked. Reflecting a sentiment that has not changed one bit, the then Secretary General of the Arab League, Azzam Pasha, said this in 1948: "This will be a war of EXTERMINATION and a momentous MASSACRE which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades." (From the 3/19/10 Jewish Press commentary by Prof. Louis Rene Beres.) The so-called reporter also failed to mention Barak's offer to Arafat at the Clinton White House; offering 97% of the West Bank. Arafat refused, Arafat made NO counter demand, and Arafat then walked out on a fuming President of the United States. And what did the dems and moronic media have to say when Bush came into office? Bush should have gotten more involved in the Middle East, and presumably invited Arafat back. Great thinkers those dems and those in the media. The so-called reporter also failed to mention that Olmert was willing to offer the same deal to Abbas. That did not come up either. In fact, there was not a single challenge to Barghouti - not unlike the mainscream media's failure to challenge any of the assertions by Obamacare's supporters.

So Biden and Obama were insulted by Israel's announcement of 1600 new apartments in their Capital. After recounting all of the peace overtures made by Israel (see above) Charles Krauthammer had this to say: "And Clinton (Sec. of State Hillary) demands that ISRAEL show its seriousness about peace? Now THAT'S an insult." (Quote from the 3/19/10 IBD.) But while we are on the topic of "insults," here is one that did not seem to bother Obama and Biden in the least. Also while Biden was in Israel, the Palestinian Authority had a ceremony naming a public square in Ramallah in honor of Dalal Mughrabi. And who is (was) Dalal Mughrabi? She was the leader, at age 19, of the terrorists who committed the deadliest terror attack in Israeli history. After killing an AMERICAN photojournalist, they then hijacked a bus in which 37 Israelis, including 12 children, were murdered. Any reader think that Obama has the ability to differentiate right from wrong? Ideologues often don't.

Meanwhile, Obama and the "palestinians" continue to assert that Israel has no historic right or connection to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is mentioned 656 times in the Hebrew Bible. It is mentioned 0 times in the Koran.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg (also from the 3/19/10 Jewish Press) quotes Nonie Darwish, a former muslim woman who converted to Christianity and wrote the book "Now They Call Me Infidel." She wrote: "But the hatred of Jews and anti-semitism was frighteningly prevalent in our society. At the same time I did not know - and no one in the Arab world did - that Israel had a history on that small strip of land going back thousands of years. Nor did we know that Jerusalem was the point of origin for two great religions, Judaism and Christianity, religions that existed before Islam even began...We were taught that 'Zionists' were foreign infidel invaders bent on taking Muslim land and our destruction, and that they must be destroyed."

So, Mr. Obama, you are part of the PROBLEM, and decidedly NOT part of the solution.