Sunday, August 28, 2011

The LA Times Wastes no Time in Slamming the New Republican Front Runner.

It did not take very long. As soon as the polls showed Rick Perry to be the front runner for the Republican party nomination for president, the media arm of the Democrat party went into attack mode. The lead editorial in today's LA Times was entitled "The problem with Perry." The Sunday edition has the highest readership and they wasted no time whatsoever. (Remember how they blasted candidate Obama too? No? That's because he's a democrat.)

Their biggest beef with Perry is that he "loathes" the federal government. Assuming that to be true, I'll take that any day of the week over someone who loathes our country (that would be Obama who felt that the country was so bad it needed "fundamental change"). The Times asks why Perry would want to preside over a government he loathes. Why did Obama want to be president of a country he loathes? Remember, his wife was proud of this country for the FIRST time only after he got the Democrat nomination. Think he felt any differently? Ask Rev. Wright if you do.

Another major concern of the Times is that as Governor of Texas, they say Perry "rarely reached across the aisle;" that he would be "uncompromising." Would that be like Obama telling the Repubs "well I won." Or jamming Obamacare down the people's throat without a single Republican vote? That kind of uncompromising? We know that the Times (like their NY cousins) have no intellectual honesty; and that truth is not an issue - only their agenda is important. But one cannot help but wonder if they actually believe what they write.

Another problem with Perry is that he wants a strong national defense. We know the Dems only want to spend money on social programs in order to make an increasing number of people dependent on government; and thereby become permanent democratic voters. As for the numerous evil dictators and other bad actors in the world...well, the UN can deal with them, can't they? Or maybe Europe? Europe was on its way to defeating the Nazis without our intervention, right?

And horrors! Can you believe that Perry wants to repeal Obamacare? But wouldn't that put Perry in the same group as 2/3 of the country who opposed Obamacare. What do the people know, anyway? We, the elitists and superior intellectuals of the democrat party, know what is best for everyone even if they do not.

Did you know that, according to the Times, Perry has "disturbing connections to fringe religious groups?" Well, thank G-d that does not apply to our current President! He would never belong to a church where the reverend spewed hate speech, and anti-semitism, and said things like "G-d damn America." The Times would have been all over a story like that if candidate Obama belonged to such a church. Well, Hannity was all over it. It took the LA Times a year after Hannity broke that story for the Times to deem it newsworthy.

The Times says Perry wants to eliminate Social Security and replace it with private individual accounts. Like it or not, something is going to have to change for the system to survive. We simply do not have enough workers anymore to support all the retirees. It is time for the politicians to admit that social security withholding is simply another tax, and therefore people will have no automatic right to any return. So if we are going to keep the system for those who are disabled or have not planned for retirement, then maybe those worth $10 million or more should not receive any return. ($5million maybe?) And they will need to raise the retirement age. But what's wrong with telling people 50 and under to start planning for at least some of their own retirement? Maybe if middle income private employees did not have to fund full retirement benefits for public employees (even those making much more) then they could better fund their own retirements.

Finally, according to the Times, Perry "sees a utopia in which life is made better by unrestrained capitalism." I have some "news" for the LA Times (it's not their fault - news is not their business): American capitalism has created more wealth for more people than any country in the history of the world. And "unrestrained" capitalism? Good luck to any president attempting to abolish all business regulations. Still, unrestrained capitalism definitely beats socialism. Sooner or later, socialists run out of other people's money to give away. And in the interim they create millions of helpless individuals dependent on the government to survive. Obama's "redistribution"/stimulus approach to the economy has resulted in "the most prolonged economic recovery since the Great Depression." (As reported in the 8/29/11 Investor's Business Daily.) We are now in our 8th quarter of "recovery;" all the other recessions required only 1 to 3 quarters for recovery.

Thank goodness we can count on the LA Times for their fair and honest and intellectually consistent reporting. Then again, if you have a bird cage...