Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The End of US Supremacy in the World

No country has been dominant in the world in perpetuity. Some would say that the end of American dominance is a historic inevitability. Others would say it is a good thing, as the US should not be sending troops all over the world to enter into countless conflicts. But as the US falls by the wayside, look who is stepping up to replace us.

Russia and China announced their support for the transfer of uranium for enrichment from Iran to Turkey and Brazil. The odds of Russia and China supporting sanctions now are minimal, especially given that the US proposed a similar plan last year. Of course, sanctions are meaningless, anyway. And today's NYTimes reports that the International Atomic Energy Agency says Iran already has enough highly enriched uranium to make TWO bombs.

Meanwhile, Russia announces that it will move forward with the sale of the S-300's to Iran. The US is seeking to open diplomatic relations with Syria, a client state of Iran. Syria recently provided Hezbollah with M600 rockets able to carry 1000 lb. warheads up to 186 miles. With all the rockets and missiles provided by Syria, our Defense Secretary says that Hezbollah has more rockets and missiles than most governments in the world! Russia also announced that it will help Syria build nuclear power plants and provide them with "advanced air, land and sea platforms."

Hezbollah is the effective government of Lebanon. Yet the US continues to supply the government of Lebanon with weaponry. The Prime Minister of Lebanon just had a meeting in DC with our President. Meanwhile, Hezbollah has terrorist cells throughout the world. Hezbollah, like Hamas and Syria, gets substantial funding from Iran. (Much of above information from the 5/26/10 posting by Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post online.)

A flotilla of ships, sponsored by Turkey, attempted to reach Gaza. On board were various Hamas sympathizers from throughout Europe. Israel offers to offload the humanitarian cargo at the port of Ashdod and deliver it to Gaza (which they have since done). The offer was refused; because as noted in my last blog, this was all about symbolism and propaganda - used effectively by these Hamas supporters to further isolate Israel. (One might wonder where the UN action was against North Korea for killing 46 aboard a South Korean ship. The UN and its various departments and agencies are effectively controlled by the 57 muslim members, along with their sympathizers - dictators and foolish Europeans. How much time does the UN spend on resolutions condemning Israel, a country of 7 million people. Anti-semitism is alive and well and will lead us into the next major war.)

What Obama still does not get (and probably won't until a major war breaks out) is that you cannot make nice to dictators and thugs and expect them to stop acting like dictators and thugs. It's what they do. Obama's incredibly naive attitude is reflected in various comments by his chief anti-terrorism advisor, John Brennan. Brennan said that we should not use the term "jihadists" to describe America's enemies because jihad is a "legitimate tenet of Islam." (Can we use the term "moron" to describe Brennan?) He said Obama wants to "try to build up the more moderate elements" in Hezbollah. Those moderates who have amassed 50,000 rockets and missiles, to be used as soon as Iran gives the go-ahead in its plan to "wipe Israel off the map." (And why does it not seem to bother Obama or the media or anyone else that as these muslim countries become more radicalized, they purge themselves of other religious groups - first it was the Jews, and more recently the Christians. No, it is the one tiny Jewish country that gets the world's attention and constantly qualifies for the world's condemnation.)

Brennan has referred to Jerusalem as Al-Quds, the arabic name for the city. He says that violent extremists are victims of "political, economic and social forces." (Again, the naive and ideological view that when people engage in evil acts they do so because they are the victims of something or other. They are not motivated by an ideology and they are not adults who can distinguish between right and wrong.) He went on to say that "those plotting against us should not be described in religious terms." (So, even though they describe themselves in religious terms - fighting a "holy war" - we should not do so. Combining US withdrawal from world dominance with this insane political correctness will surely result in a major Middle Eastern war that can spread worldwide.) (Brennan quotes from a 5/27/10 email from the Republican Jewish Coalition.)

Our President recently announced some new US policies with regards to nuclear weapons. We will not use them in retaliation for chemical or biological attacks from countries that do not possess nukes. Also, he has put an end to all testing of nuclear warheads: "The US will not develop new nuclear warheads or pursue new military missions or new capabilities for nuclear warheads." Russia already has a 10to 1 advantage in tactical nukes. (Information from the June, 2010 Newsmax.) As Obama does not understrand that peace comes from strength, and as Israel will be forced to stand alone against the increasingly powerful Iranian axis, it just seems that war will be inevitable.

Obama continues to put reliance on the thugs in the UN. Whereas Bush would not let the US participate in the UN Human Rights Council (with the name made a mockery with the likes of Cuba, China and Saudi Arabia being members), it does not bother Obama that Libya, Angola and Malasia are members. And let's not forget that Iran is on the UN's Special Panel on Women's Rights! (Information from the 6/7/10 National Review.)

So are we really in a much different position than the world was in, in 1939? We have a world leader (substitute Obama for Chamberlain) who believes in appeasement. We have an increasingly anti-semitic Europe. And we have the Axis Powers (substitute Iran and its clients Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah and Hamas for Germany and its allies, Italy and Japan), who seek world domination and annihilation of the Jews. Ultimately, England had to stand alone until the US joined the fight. Now Israel will have to stand alone. Will the US join the fight this time?