Friday, March 12, 2010

His Royal Highness Obama, and Other Matters

1. "We've got to pass the health care bill so we can see what's in it." So said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, undoubtedly the dumbest Speaker we have ever had. Because Obama demands that Congress pass Obamacare, both he and Pelosi have had to LIE in an effort to convince the American people. The two of them repeatedly said that "the American people are demanding we pass health care reform now." Uh - no! Polls show that anywhere from 2/3 to 80% of the American people do NOT want this version of health care reform. "Bush lied, people died." Even the mainscream media picked up on that false slogan and ran with it. But when Obama and Pelosi look into the cameras and say what everyone knows is a blatant lie - dead silence. It is usually dictators that resort to the "Big Lie," a falsehood told over and over again in the hopes that the people get so confused that they cannot tell right from wrong.

Does it matter to Obama and Pelosi that the people do NOT want this reform? Not in the least. Another sign of dictatorial behavior, rather than representative government. Does it matter to Obama and Pelosi that not a single Republican will be voting in favor of the biggest piece of legislation in our country's history? Of course not. Another sign of O's dictatorial behavior. When Social Security was passed by a Democrat controlled Congress, fully 64% of Senate Republicans voted in favor of it, as did 79% of House Republicans. In other words, it was a true demonstration of bipartisanship. Again with Medicare, more than half of the Republican Senators voted in favor. (Statistics from the 3/3/10 Wall Street Journal.) But a dictator does not seek agreement, rather, he dictates and demands obeisance. In the mode of a dictator he attacks his opponents as the "party of no," rather than acknowledge that they speak for the vast majority of the American people. But a dictator does not believe in "majority rule." As His Highness so frequently tells us: "I won the election."

I have long indicated that the government cannot be trusted to take care of you. Coincidentally, that point came through loud and clear in a telephone conversation today with a client. He went to Social Security to apply for disability. They told him he would not qualify and sent him away without letting him fill out an application. Why? Because they know Social Security is running out of money, so they were looking out for the government, rather than the people they are supposed to serve. They did, however, suggest he apply for unemployment. So he went to EDD. They told him he did not qualify because he was not "100%" fit. That is simply a blatant LIE. But another example of the government looking out for their funds, rather than the people they nominally "serve." So if Obama gets control of the healthcare system how many people will be turned away for MRI's or surgeries or other expensive treatments in order to protect the government coffers? Why would anyone think it would be any different than the way my client was treated by Social Security and EDD?

2. As we know, His Highness continues to either dictate to our allies or abandon them; all the while cozying up to the other dictators of the world. Case in point: England is again having a dispute with Argentina over the Falklands. In 1982, when England and Argentina went to war over the Islands, President Reagan gave 100% U.S. support to the Thatcher government. England has been our oldest and closest ally. Not to Obama. His Administration has decided that they will remain neutral in the current dispute. As pointed out by Victor Davis Hanson (in the 3/8/10 Investor's Business Daily): "If Britain is not considered an ally, then America no longer has real allies."

His Highness has sent a number of high ranking officials to Israel to tell them to get with His program. The latest U.S. official to go there was V.P. Biden. On his arrival, Israel announced the construction of additional buildings in "East" Jerusalem. Of course, there is only one unified Jerusalem to Israelis and it is the Capital of their country. But the royal O. insists that Israel stop all construction and allow an independent terrorist state on their border. Before His Highness announced to the world that all "settlements" were illegitimate, the palestinians did not insist on cessation of construction before agreeing to talks. Now, with Obama at their back, they do. And let's be honest, whether Hamas or Fatah (or a combination of the two) run a new palestinian state, it will be lead by terrorists. Biden and Sec. of State Clinton both ripped into Israel and Netanyahu for announcing the construction. Clinton: "The Israeli government needed to demonstrate not just through words, but with specific actions, that they are committed to this relationship and to the peace process." Get that? Israel sticks with the Obama plan or they are not committed to their relationship with the U.S. - no matter the threat to their very survival. And no honest differences between friends allowed (or, to paraphrase Mr. Hanson, the U.S. no longer has either allies or friends).

But does Obama dictate to his fellow dictators? Of course not. Iran had a 12/31/09 deadline with regards to their nuclear program. Still no sanctions. He is opening relations with the dictator in Syria. No real demands are placed on the terrorist dictators of Hamas or Fatah. And as Victor Hanson points out, he "seems more eager to mollify Venezuela's (dictator) Hugo Chavez than to strengthen our alliance with a democratic and pro-American...Colombia." As Mr. Hanson concludes: "All that raises the question of what exactly are the advantages these days of being a friend of the U.S., when neutrals and enemies alike garner as much of our sympathies?" Well, Obama's sympathies.

3. When His Highness gave his State of the Union he blasted the Supreme Court for their decision on corporate funding of campaign ads. Six of the Justices were sitting in the front row. Does a dictator hesitate to criticize a co-equal branch of government, knowing they are bound by tradition and judicial restraint to not reply, and are only present as a courtesy to the office of the President? Of course not. So, now, Chief Justice Roberts questions why they should ever show up again. They should not! In fact, if Obamacare is forced down the people's throats then this writer believes that the Republicans should also stay away from the next State of the Union as well. If His Highness sees fit to ignore them, they should return the favor and ignore Him. I would even go one step further. If it appears that the House Republicans cannot block Obamacare, then once the voting begins they should walk out en masse rather than participate in a sham democracy.

4. And finally, some Quick Hits. After seeing how Iraqi voters risked life and limb to cast their votes, NY Times columnist and author Thomas Friedman had this to say: "Former President Bush's gut instinct that this region craved and needed democracy was always right." Quite a concession!

The European Parliament passed a resolution endorsing the Goldstone report, which condemned Israel for war crimes because they defended their people against the terrorists of Hamas in the last Gaza war. (From Caroline Glick in the 3/12/10 Jerusalem Post online.) Really, can we be surprised by anything the Europeans do? Will we ever fight to save their asses again?

And a final comment on the religion of "peace." Muslim jihadists in Nigeria slaughtered Christians, including children, last weekend. Using machetes, axes and daggers, some were raped, some were scalped and some were just brutally murdered. And Obama and the mainscream media - not a peep, except for complaining about Israeli "settlements" as the biggest threat to world peace.