Saturday, March 19, 2011

Half the Distance to the Goal.

In September, 2010, Obama indicated that he was giving the Israelis and "palestinians" one year to reach a resolution to their long-standing conflict on their own. Recently, the US vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli "settlements" as "illegitimate." While saying the issue should be resolved between the parties, the US nevertheless also condemned the "settlements." Meanwhile, the US and the Europeans have put "intense pressure" on Netanyahu to give the Palestinian Authority full control over West Bank cities, with the ultimate goal being the State of Palestine in what is now Gaza, the West Bank, and even part of Jerusalem. (Per Aaron Klein in the 3/9/11 Jewish Press.) Obama clearly prefers a "negotiated" (forced) resolution to one dictated by the UN, as the former would be one for which he could take credit. It would be his major foreign policy achievement, much the same way that Obamacare is his major domestic policy achievement. And it would come before the next presidential election.

So what's wrong with Obama's plan? EVERYTHING! First, the Arab Middle East is in turmoil. While there is no telling where things might end up, there is enough concern about the influences of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood that it should give Obama pause. With what could easily be an increasingly hostile Arab world surrounding Israel, is this the time to create a terrorist state right on Israel's borders; a state that may act as a noose around Israel's neck? Just how far does he think Ben Gurion airport will be from the border of the new "palestinian" state? Maybe five to six miles - not too far for a shoulder held rocket to start taking down Israeli commercial planes.

Second, while Bush pursued the same goal of a "palestinian" state, he did have certain preconditions. Stop the violence. Recognize Israel's right to exist as the home of the Jewish people. Obama, however, took sides the minute he took office. By immediately condemning the Israeli "settlements" as illegitimate, it encouraged the "palestinians" to simply walk away from the bargaining table. So now we are half the distance to Obama's goal, and with no negotiations taking place, Obama is putting all the pressure on Israel to create a new state on its border that will be dedicated to the destruction of Israel. As Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal recently said: "The first step (to liberating Jerusalem from Israeli occupation) is refusal to negotiate with Israel...and to establish a new, reconciled palestinian position based on jihad." (From AIPAC.)

Third, Obama's push for his goal requires him to ignore both past and current reality. It requires Obama to see Israel as the biggest threat to the United States - not Iran. On March 15, the Israeli Navy intercepted a weapons carrying ship 125 miles off its coast. The ship was German owned, under a Liberian flag, sailing out of Turkey. It made a stop in Syria - not coincidentally at the same port that 2 Iranian warships docked at after being allowed to pass through the Suez Canal in January. The ship was carrying 250 mortar shells, 67,000 bullets, and six C-704 sophisticated anti-ship missiles, along with the needed radar systems and hydraulic mounting cases. The ship was bound for Egypt, likely the Sinai; or Gaza. Hamas smuggles large amounts of weapons through tunnels between the Sinai and Gaza. On March 13, Egyptian security forces stopped 5 trucks from Sudan headed towards Gaza with rocket propelled grenades, mortar rounds, rifles and explosives. Iran anyone? Recently both Senegal and Gambia invited the Iranian ambassadors to their countries to leave. Senegal did so after finding Iranian made weapons in the hands of insurgents there; and Gambia finding Iranian arms on the way there. And while we know that Iran arms the Taliban with weapons that kill American troops, and the same for the insurgents in Iraq; we can only speculate as to how many Iranian munitions have been shipped to Hugo Chavez and other Central and South American countries. And Iranian nukes? Apparently not that big a deal to Obama.

Obama must ignore the terrorist actions of the "palestinians" to feel good about his goal. Israel was just hit with over 50 mortar shells from Gaza. Hamas took responsibility for at least some of those attacks. Thankfully no one was killed, but 2 Israelis were injured. And then there is the Fogel family. Udi and Ruth Fogel and three of their children, Yoav, 11 years old, Elad, 4 years old and Hadas, 3months old, were brutally stabbed and murdered in their beds in Itamar, one of those "settlements" condemned by the US and UN. So what type of person is able to stab children - and even a three month old - to death? The type that Obama must ignore in order to feel good about his goal. We know that the "palestinians" name schools, parks, streets, community centers, camps and other things after terrorists who have murdered innocent civilians. We know that Abbas takes part in the naming ceremonies honoring these bastards (Abbas, the "moderate") and even gives PA money to the families of the terrorists. We do not know what honors Abbas will give to the brutal murderers of the Fogel family. However, Obama will have to ignore the murders and honoring of terrorists to feel good about his goal.

Obama must ignore the words of the "palestinians" - from their leaders, from their media, and as taught in their schools. Leaders and a media and schools that teach hatred of Israel, of Jews, and of the US and the West. Schools that do not even show Israel on their maps; rather, all the land between the Jordan river and Mediterranean is "Palestine." It is a non-stop incitement that allows terrorists to think that a 3 month old child is worthy of being stabbed to death. Palestinian leaders who say one thing in English in order to gain the sympathy of the US and Western world; but who continue to preach violence and jihad to their people in Arabic. But Obama must ignore all of this in order to feel good about his goal.

So is Obama's goal "peace"? Not likely. It appears to this writer that Obama seeks Israeli concession after Israeli concession. If the "palestinians" get their state in Gaza, the West Bank and "east" Jerusalem, they will soon want all of Jerusalem, and bits and pieces of what is left of Israel until the Jews leave or are killed. And with Iranian nukes, and Iranian weapons going to Syria, Hezbollah, the "palestinians" and other Arab countries, Israel's next war could very well be its last. I wish that there was even a hint that Obama gives a damn.