Monday, September 5, 2011

Will the Creation of Palestine Mean the End of Israel?

As the UN General Assembly gets set to vote on the establishment of "Palestine," will it be the beginning of the end for Israel? The UN will undoubtedly approve the creation of a palestinian state along the 1949 armistice lines (often referred to as the pre-1967 lines). This will, incredibly, return much of Israel's capital city to Arab control. Even the Kotel (the Western Wall) would be beyond Israeli control. Of course, Israel will never voluntary cede control of Jerusalem or the "West Bank" to the Arabs.

Once it becomes a full member state at the UN, the new country of Palestine will demand sanctions against Israel for occupying its land. They will likely seek the involvement of UN troops as well. Failing that, this writer believes we can either expect the Arabs to start a war (or provoke one, and then blame Israel for responding); or, at the least, the beginning of a Third Intifada.

Think the Arabs are a true partner in peace? Think the Obama Administration cares about Israel? The rest of the world? Let's take a look:

Abbas: "Don't order us to recognize a Jewish state. We won't accept it." (Said on 8/27/11, per the LA Jewish Journal, 9/2-9/8/11 edition.)

Abbas: Said on 8/28/11 that he plans on demanding a "right of return" for millions of Arabs to Israel. (Per the 8/31/11 Jewish Press editorial.) This would mean the end of the two-state solution, as the entire area would come under Arab control. So much for the sincerity of Abbas. But let's give credit where it's due: to Obama! After all, he is the one who said we should decide the issues of borders and security first, and leave the "emotional issues" of refugees and Jerusalem until later. There is no way any Israeli leader could or would allow millions of Arabs into the country; nor would they ever give up Jerusalem. Of course, Obama knew this when he gave his speech. And that speech has undoubtedly encouraged Abbas. Still think Obama is on Israel's side?

Hillary Clinton, US Sec. of State: "Any unilateral action by the U.S. that would signal, symbolically or concretely, that it recognizes that Jerusalem is a city that is located within the sovereign territory of Israel would critically compromise the ability of the U.S. to work with Israelis, Palestinians and others in the region to further the peace process." (As reported in the 8/31/11 Jewish Press.) Got that? Jerusalem is NOT located in Israel! Still think Obama is a friend of Israel? If you do, can I assume that you think Ahmadinejad is a friend of Israel also?

Speaking of which: Ahmadinejad again said on 8/26/11 that "the goal of all believers and seekers of justice should be the disappearance of the Zionist regime." (Per the 8/30/11 JPost online.) And he recently said that the establishment of a Palestinian state is the first step to wiping Israel off the map.

From the European Union's Foreign Affairs Chief: the EU's support for the UN resolution will depend on the "content of the resolution." (As reported in the 9/2-9/8/11 edition of the LA Jewish Journal.) There you have it. If they word the resolution nicely, the EU will approve. Never mind the true intentions of the Arabs - as long as the resolution is...what?...politically correct? After that, we don't give a damn what they do to Israel.

And Turkey moves further away from Israel. As Turkey under Erdogan has tried to become a leader in the muslim world, it has ordered the Israeli ambassador to leave, because Israel will not apologize for defending itself against the flotilla that tried to enter Gaza. Recall that nine were killed during the Israeli commando operation. (Of course, it should be Turkey that apologizes to Israel for allowing the flotilla to organize in, and then depart from, a Turkish port.) Turkey has suspended military agreements with Israel; and is basically threatening naval war with Israel. (As reported by Caroline Glick in the 9/5/11 JPost online.)

But in a shocking development, 40 Israeli passengers were detained at the Ankara airport, their passports confiscated, forced to strip to their underwear, made to line up against a wall without being allowed to sit - for a total of 90 minutes. (Again, as reported by Glick in the above referenced article.) If the world and UN tolerates such behavior against Jews, what country does anyone think will support Israel in the next war? And, if war does break out after Palestine is established by the UN, will we now see a non-Arab muslim country actively join in a war against Israel for the very first time?