Sunday, June 19, 2011

How Leftist Ideology is Ruining the World.

1. Congressman Anthony Weiner. After inviting the press to interview him and then lying to them for over a week, the Congressman finally admitted he had been lying. By any measure he had been engaging in some rather strange behavior. Not being that well liked in the first place, it was no surprise that his fellow democrats (including the leadership of Obama, Reid and Pelosi)all moved away from supporting him. But the lamestream media could not bear to see him go. Somehow, the LATimes saw fit to say that Republicans know no shame either because they deny global warning, and said Obamacare would create "death panels." Huh? Only in the twisted thinking of their editorial writers could those topics come up in an editorial about Weiner. Somehow, the LASlimes had to blame the Republicans. After acknowledging that Weiner is married, that his behavior was creepy, and that he lied about it - they still could not bring themselves to say he should go. Of course, they left out the part about Weiner letting the press excoriate Andrew Breitbart, as if he made it all up. The NYSlimes said Weiner's behavior raised "serious questions about his judgment and character." But still, they say he broke no law and there was no evidence he used a government computer or blackberry. So that's it? Did he actually break a law? The Times has no other moral or ethical standards that they believe a United States Representative must adhere to?

2. Obamacare. Said our President: "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep (it)." Really? Not even close according to the 4th study now investigating employer reactions to Obamacare. The latest study was conducted by McKinsey & Co. Their results indicate that as many as 78 million Americans will lose their coverage because employers will drop their private plans. The reason, as reported by Karl Rove in the 6/16/11 Wall Street Journal, is quite simple - and predictable. Rather than pay on average $4150. for a single employee, and $9773. for a family of four, employers will only have to pay a "fine" of $2000. per employee for not offering insurance. And small businesses pay no fine for the first 50 employees they drop. Democrats have never understood that their legislation results in "unintended" consequences, because they do not understand how the world works: that in the real world people act logically and in their self-interest. Needless to say, these tens of millions of people forced into the government run "exchanges" will result in the government being forced to come up with a lot more money (more taxes) to pay for all these people. The CBO originally predicted "only" 9-10 million people would lose their coverage; still making a liar out of Obama.

3. Obama vs. Boeing. In yet another example of how democrats either hate business, or do not understand how the world operates, the Obama administration is going after Boeing Aircraft. Their offense? Suggesting that the new plant they have built for their new plane (the 787 Dreamliner) was built in South Carolina in part because of prior costly strikes in Washington State. So Obama has the NLRB trying to prevent Boeing from opening and operating their plant in So. Carolina - a right to work state. Most likely, the Administration's behavior also represents a payback to unions, the Dems' biggest supporters. How outrageous for the US Government dictating to a private business where in the US they may locate! What's next - telling us where we may live? You think that's far-fetched? Obama already has an opinion about how much people should be allowed to earn. So maybe Boeing will open a new plant out of the country altogether, and take even more jobs with them.

As noted by Charles Krauthammer in the 6/17/11 Investor's Business Daily, the Obama Administration has also stalled free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and So. Korea - all because of union objections.

4. Durban piles on. Dick Durban, D-Ill., has proposed letting states collect sales taxes whether or not the seller has an actual physical presence in the state. (As reported in the 6/15/11 IBD.) The intent, of course, is to go after internet sales, because we know that NOTHING can change hands in this country without the government taking a part of it. Again, however, the Dems (and some Repubs) never foresee consequences. So when was hit with a $269 million bill from the Texas State Controller for "unpaid" sales taxes, they simply moved their distribution center out of Texas. And if every state pursues such taxes, the next stop for yet another company could be out of the country.

5. The Dems continue to be unable to perceive reality. In an IBD/TIPP poll (as reported in the 6/15/11 IBD) there is a huge difference reported between Dems and Repubs. When asked if the relationship between the US and Israel has strengthened under Obama, 12% of the Dems agreed, 48% said no change and 31% said weakened. So overall, 60% of Dems said no change or strengthened. As for the Repubs, only 3% said strengthened, 22% said no change and 69% said weakened. Overall, 25% saying strengthened or no change. But 69% Repubs vs. only 31% Dems saying weakened. This study is important not just because of the difference in opinion that we could expect betweem Dems and Repubs. Rather, it relects their very differing perceptions of reality. Without going into all the facts and events that demonstrate how Obama is the most hostile President ever in his attitude towards Israel, it should be noted that even the mainstream media has reported on the deteriorating relations between the two nations. Yet, such reporting has apparently had minimal impact on the perceptions of Democrats. This study is a perfect example of how Dems/the left let their beliefs dictate their reality; while Repubs/the right let reality dictate their beliefs.

The same study also asked if the respondent favored the 1967 borders as a starting point for negotiations, as suggested by Obama. Of the Dems, 56% agreed, 24% opposed and 21% had no answer. For the Repubs, only 17% agreed, 71% opposed and 12% had no answer. So over 2/3of the Repubs understand that Israel cannot survive with those borders, but well over 1/2 of the Dems think its a great idea.

As we know, many liberal Jews are Dems, and as such, their responses are reflected in the Democratic responses above. So the only question is: after the coming war between Israel and the "palestinians," which will have been precipitated in large part by Obama's words and deeds, just what excuses will these liberal Jews make for Obama after the resultant death of many Israelis; or, G-d forbid, Israel's destruction?

6. The end of Western Civilization? An interesting piece appeared in the 6/4-6/5/11 Wall Street Journal, authored by Frits Bolkestein. He notes how Christianity has mostly gone out of favor in Europe. (And, I would note, replaced by secularism, political correctness, and, of course, Islam.) In Oxford, England they have chosen to replace Christmas with a "Winter Light Festival." He reports that after a right wing politician was assassinated in the Netherlands, a leading Dutch newspaper wrote this: "The pride of the Netherlands is precisely that we do not find one culture better than the other." Holy Moron Batman! As stated by Mr. Bolkestein, the editor who wrote that blurb was in fact exalting the culture of the Netherlands over others - for their tolerance. (Actually for their ignorance in suggesting all cultures are equal, while saying the Netherlands is better.) And at Utrecht University, theologian Pieter van der Horst had a valedictory address on "The Islamization of European Anti-Semitism." Only the University never let him give that address because we cannot offend - you know who - the Muslims. Free speech? Like here, replaced by politically correct speech.

And while Mr. Bolkestein reports that Christianity is still alive in Poland and Ireland, it is not necessarily alive "and well." As reported by Caroline Glick in the 5/27/11 Jerusalem Post online, a recent poll reflected that 22.2% of the Irish population would bar Israelis from becoming citizens. But 11.5% would prevent all Jews from becoming citizens. And just how many Jews are there in Ireland? Only 2000 out of 4.5 million people. Looks like the Irish could do well hearing the above-mentioned valedictory address.

7. Who's the most evil? So as the world prepares to condemn Israel yet again in the September meeting of the UN General Assembly, and vote to establish a "palestinian" state, this might be a good time to remind everyone that 400,000 people have been killed in Darfur, with 3 million displaced. (As reported by David Suissa, commenting on a Jewish World Watch report, in the June 10-16, 2011 LA Jewish Journal.) As Mr. Suissa notes, Obama spent a good deal of his speech on the Middle East telling Israel what it had to do, but the genocide in Darfur? Nothing! As Mr. Suissa states: "Imagine how it must feel to see that your genocide is being virtually ignored, while the Palestinian cause has become the darling mission of the world and a media and UN obsession." Maybe Suissa is right when he says: "Are the bad guys (in Darfur) not bad enough because they're not Jews or Israelis?" What about it Mr. President?