Friday, March 30, 2012

More on Iran; Trayvon Martin; Jews Murdered In Toulouse; and Other Matters

1. More on Iran. Former Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, was on Fox News and reported that the Obama administration may have leaked sensitive information about a possible Israeli attack on Iran. Israel has been developing a close relationship with Azerbaijan, a country that sits on Iran's northern border. According to Bolton, "government sources" told Foreign Policy magazine that Azerbaijan may allow Israeli forces to use their airfields in a strike against Iran. Such close access to Iranian targets would make a strike easier, and would allow for multiple waves of attack.

If Obama intentionally had this information released, it would be consistent with his efforts to prevent an Israeli attack. In February, our Defense Secretary said if Israel strikes, it will most likely be in April, May or June; essentially announcing to the Iranians when they need to be prepared. Now, they are telling the Iranians the direction from which the attacks may occur. Per Bolton: "It's just unprecedented to reveal this kind of information about one of your own allies." Obama recently said he had Israel's back. It seems like Obama has Iran's back.

2. The Nanny State and the Food Police. In an example of how leftist interference supersedes common sense, New York City will no longer allow charitable groups like churches and synagogues to donate left-over food to homeless shelters. As reported in the 3/27/12 IBD, the concern did not appear to be over lawsuits. Rather, the IBD says: "A new document from the bureaucracy dictates serving sizes, as well as salt, fat and calorie limits, fiber minimums and condiment recommendations." Think they won't dictate what you can eat if Obamacare is upheld? Apparently they are willing to let the homeless starve.

3. Trayvon Martin. One cannot help but feel for the overwhelming grief of the parents of Trayvon Martin over the death of their son. The shooter is apparently half hispanic, and spent time tutoring young minority and black kids (according to Hannity on Fox). But the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton must have been concerned that they would not have anything to do after the country elected a black president. It is certainly feasible that George Zimmerman had engaged in some racial profiling when he saw Martin walking through his neighborhood. But that is not the same as saying that he was out to kill a black person. And it's a far cry to leap the conclusion of one woman who brought her 10 year old to a rally because "it's important for them to learn from this incident - that it's not equal treatment, that (this country) is not as rose-colored as people think, even though we have a black president." (Quote from 3/27/12 LA Times.)

Is that the proper lesson for children? One shooting and the entire non-black population of the US wants to kill all the blacks? I cannot help but wonder if these same people are out in force every time there is a black on black killing, often by gangs. Do those innocent victims deserve any less attention? The head of the New Black Panther Party apparently put a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman. And Spike Lee Twitted what he thought was Zimmerman's address. (He got it wrong, unfortunately for an older couple.) So do these blacks want to return to mob rule? Have they already forgotten that mob rule resulted in lynchings of blacks? I would ask why the Attorney General is not seeking to prosecute Spike Lee and the head of the Panthers, but we already know the answer - blacks don't get prosecuted under this Administration.

4. No More Christian or Jewish Holidays Off. The State University of New York at Stony Brook has decided that classes will not be cancelled any longer for major Christian or Jewish holidays. Easter is on a Sunday anyway, and Christmas is during the winter break, so that leaves Good Friday. For Jews, it's Rosh Hashanah (2 days for the more observant) and Yom Kippur (and Passover and other days for the more observant). But the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are almost universally observed. According to the Vice Provost of undergraduate education: "...the reality is it's a relatively small number of people who are upset." Maybe; but my guess would be that it was even a smaller number of people who objected. My only question is: was it the atheists or the Muslim Student Association that objected? (Story from, 3/25/12.)

5. Jews Murdered in Toulouse, France. One Mohamed Merah (may he rot in hell forever) murdered a Rabbi and his two small children, along with another child, at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. He actually grabbed one of the children by her hair and then shot her in the head. A number of media outlets apparently reported that Merah claimed he acted to "avenge the deaths of Palestinian children." But NPR reported it as avenging "slain" Palestinian children. (As reported by Vic Rosenthal in the 3/23/12 Jewish Press online.) So let's be clear about a few things. First, these people were murdered for one reason - they were Jews. Second, Merah's rationalization is no different than what we see from the mainstream media day in and day out. They talk about the "violence" in the Middle East; or that today some Palestinians were killed and tomorrow some Israelis were killed. It's all the same because the mainstream media and the Western leaders make no moral distinctions. The Palestinians launch thousands and thousands of rockets indiscriminately into Israel, not caring who is killed or injured. Israel then targets only the terrorists, and yes, innocents do get killed. Yet the media and Western leaders make no distinction.

When Obama spoke to the Muslim world from Cairo in 2009, he talked about the death of six million Jews in the Holocaust. But he followed that up with his statement that "...the situation for the Palestinian people is intolerable." Except their situation is of their own doing. But when we in the West do not make any moral distinctions, how surprising can it be that the terrorists use the same justifications. We (the terrorists) are just avenging "slain" Palestinian children. Except that Israel does not target children or other innocents. If that was their intent, the Israelis could flatten Gaza and the West Bank.

6. London as a "Beacon" of Islam. The former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, is running again for Mayor. The fact that this anti-semitic radical leftist won twice already is bad enough. The thought of him getting a third term is shocking. More shocking is his desire to turn London, the capital of England, into a "beacon" of Islam. (As reported in the 3/23/12 Jewish Press.) Livingstone spoke at the North London Central Mosque, known for its radical brand of Islam. One group, Muslims Against Crusades, wants to turn 12 cities in Britain into Islamic Emirates, governed by Sharia law, and not English law. There are approximately one million Muslims in London. We can only speculate about where London, England and all of Europe is headed. And are we next?

It brings to mind what I wrote in my 11/15/09 blog (The Liberal Mind) discussing all the excuses the mainstream media was making for Major Hassan (another who should rot in hell) after he murdered US soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas: "It is much easier to write him off as a nut case, than accept the reality of a world-wide effort by islamofascists to dominate the planet and establish sharia law everywhere."