Friday, February 5, 2010

In Defense of the USA and Our Ally Israel

The USA is at greater risk of another terrorist attack - perhaps the greatest risk since 9/11. So said, in not so many words, National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair, CIA Director Leon Panetta and FBI Director Robert Mueller. All three indicated to the Senate Intelligence Committee a further attack in the next 3 to 6 months was "certain." So what is the Obama Administration doing to protect us?

In his State of the Union address he expressed his concern about the threat of nuclear weapons; and that the US and Russia were going to enter into a new arms control agreement. Not so good. He talked about attempting to secure all nuclear material around the world at an upcoming 44 nation meeting in April. Good. And he talked about possible further sanctions against Iran and North Korea. Meaningless. Meanwhile, the EU has no interest in further sanctions against Iran unless they come from the UN Security Council. But with China being opposed, and likely Russia also, sanctions are simply not possible. Both countries have veto power.

Meanwhile, this past week Iran launched a missile into space. It appears that Iran is on its way towards developing an intercontinental ballistic missile. And, given the lack of action by the Western world, Iran is also about to have nukes. How convenient that they will have nuclear warheads to put on top of their ICBMs. Of course, if their only target was Israel, they would not need the ICBMs. So I wonder who else they might consider for targetting? Maybe the "Great Satan?"

And Iran and North Korea are not the only threats. China has been steadily increasing the size of its military personnel and arsenal over the last decade or so. It claims to have an F-22 type fighter that will be ready in a year. Not to be outdone, Russia says its next generation stealth fighter will be ready in 2013 with production in 2015. (From the 2/5/10 Investor's Business Daily.) And the US? Halting production of the F-22 Raptor in 2011 or 2012. The maximum authorized production is 187. Its replacement, the F-35, is in trouble. There have been the usual cost overruns and delays. Also, per the same IBD article, it is considered to be "vastly inferior in both air-to-air combat and ground defense penetration." Yet the Raptor may be the only plane we have capable of evading the Russian's sophisticated surface to air missile system - the S-300. Russia has already contracted to sell these advanced missile batteries to: IRAN. Nice how this all comes together. Israel has brought to bear whatever pressure it could to convince the Russians not to proceed with the delivery of the S-300's.

It should be pretty clear to all that Iran does not demonstrate much reluctance to cause - or threaten to cause - lots of problems. The unelected Ayatollah Khameni again threatened Israel saying: "Surely the day will come when the nations of the region will witness the destruction of the Zionest regime..." (From Caroline Glick in the 1/30/10 Jerusalem Post online.) But Obama gave the Iranians until 12/31/09 to come clean on their nuclear program. Yet another deadline has passed with no real action by the US or the West. And while the US Senate passed another round of sanctions, just how effective can they be if not even the EU is willing to go along. It's a sure bet that Iran can already count on China and Russia and Venezuela among others.

On the other hand, 54 members of the House of Representatives should be hanging their heads in shame. ALL DEMOCRATS, they sent a letter to President Obama asking that he pressure Israel to open up Gaza. Hamas, a terrorist organization, not only controls Gaza, but essentially acts as a branch of the Iranian military. In any conflict between Israel and Iran, becoming increasingly likely due to the Western powers failure to act, Hamas would undoubtedly join in on any attack against Israel. Signing on to this letter were Representatives Barbara Lee, Loretta Sanchez, Pete Stark and Diane Watson. And signing at the top: Keith Ellison, the sole muslim member of Congress.

Hezbollah has also jumped on the war bandwagon, with their leader Nasrallah saying on 1/15 that the next war will "change the face of the region." (From Caroline Glick in the 2/5/10 Jerusalem Post online.) Syria also has been making threatening sounds. Yet our President is going to open diplomatic relations with this state sponsor of terrorism.

So our President continues on his mission to rid the world of nuclear weapons, apparently oblivious to all of the dangers around us. And the strength (weakness?) of our military is also not an issue apparently. So while his State of the Union address now indicated that jobs would be the number one priority, he also has not given up on healthcare, energy/cap and trade, and education. Yes, he talked about Afghanistan, and getting our troops out of Iraq by 8/31. And not being able to control himself, he again compared himself favorably to Bush, noting that "far more" Al-Qaeda leaders and fighters were captured or killed in 2009 than 2008.

Imagine, however, if Israel did not have their widely estimated 200 nukes. Just what would the Arab states and/or Iran have tried already? 300 million Arabs and 80 million Iranians - compared to 7 million Israelis. Obama seems to have no appreciation of American military might - and it's ability to act as a deterrence. It is strength that leads to peace. Weakness leads to war.

But he appears to still have no uniform foreign policy/defense vision. Or maybe it's just that it's the same as a year ago - appeasement, and a belief that the US should not be the world's superpower. But it would have been nice to hear something from our Commander in Chief about what appears to be an imminent terrorist attack.