Sunday, July 27, 2014

What They Should Have Said

Incredibly (I guess not for any of the following quotes), Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes, said this to CNN's Wolf Blitzer on 7/23/14: "We've been heartbroken at the loss of Palestinian life, the loss of children, so we do believe that Israel has to take greater care to avoid those types of civilian casualties." What he should have said: "The United States condemns Hamas for intentionally placing their own people, including children, in harms way during this war. Israel places phone calls, sends text messages, drops leaflets and sends warning shots - all with the hope of avoiding civilian casualties. The Hamas leaders should be captured and tried for war crimes."

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, said this on 7/20/14: "...dozens more civilians, including children, have been killed in Israeli military strikes in the Shuja'iyya neighborhood in Gaza. I condemn this atrocious action. Israel must exercise maximum restraint and do more to protect civilians." What he should have said: "The UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs found that Israel sent text messages to about 600,000 people in Ash Shuja'iyya and Gaza City warning them to leave; and Israel also placed phone calls and dropped leaflets. However, the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior told people not to leave - so most stayed. We condemn Hamas and the Palestinian leadership for targeting civilians in Israeli cities with missiles fired from Gaza; and we condemn the Palestinians for putting their civilians in harms way by telling them to stay in a war zone." (Information on Shuja'iyya from JPost article of 7/22/14 by Anne Bayefsky.)

The New York Times, in their lead editorial of 7/25/14, noted the death of 750 Gazans, and then opined: "What really matters now is that some way be found to stop this carnage." Then: "It is fair to ask whether Israel is doing enough to prevent that." As an afterthought they threw in: "Hamas also deserves scrutiny..." What they should have said: "Hamas and the Palestinians in Gaza have launched well over 10,000 rockets, mortars and missiles into Israel - all aimed at Israeli cities - since Israel vacated Gaza in 2005. When the Israelis finally retaliate, Hamas has no shelters built for the protection of their civilians. They have expended great sums of money on tunnels for their terrorist groups to use in attacks on Israelis. Israel has no choice but to attack in an effort to stop the onslaught of missiles into their cities, with 5 million people having to run for bomb shelters at various times. It is intolerable, and the world must condemn and punish Hamas and the other terrorist perpetrators."

On the first page of the 7/21/14 New York Times was an article about the propaganda war between Hamas and Israel. The Times notes how propaganda has been a part of wars for generations. They give examples of various propaganda tools used by both sides. What they should have said: "The real problem is that even in times of relative peace, the Palestinians and larger Arab world relentlessly fill their media and inculcate their children with their hate filled propaganda against Israel and the Jews. Jews and Israel are described in the most vile terms. Until this stops, and until they finally acknowledge Israel's right to exist as the Jewish state, this war will never end. And the responsibility for any future deaths will lie squarely with the Palestinians."

Secretary of State John Kerry was unaware that he was speaking into an open microphone, when he sarcastically criticized Israel's military operation with this: "It's a hell of a pinpoint operation. It's a hell of a pinpoint operation." What he should have said: "The Israelis have enough firepower to flatten Gaza, which some countries might have been tempted to do after suffering from thousands of rocket and missile attacks. Yet, the Israelis send their own troops in on the ground, knowing some will be killed, in order to limit the number of civilian casualties on the other side. Rarely, if ever, in the history of warfare, has any country acted with such restraint and in such a manner."

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said this: "It is not in the interest of either side for this violence to continue and even to escalate." What he should have said: "Hamas has chosen to use violence against Israel ever since the people of Gaza made the mistake of electing them as the leaders of Gaza. Hamas and the other Palestinian groups in Gaza launch terrorist attacks, send suicide bombers, engage in kidnapping and non-stop rocket and missile attacks - all against Israel. Israel needs to destroy Gaza's existing military infrastructure, and then the world needs to see to it that Gaza permanently becomes a demilitarized zone."

On 7/27/14, President Barack Hussain Obama placed a telephone call to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In that call, Obama called for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire; a ceasefire "...that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza's long-term development and economic needs, while strengthening the PA."

What Obama should have said - not in a phone call to Netanyahu - but in a speech to the world: "The Arabs have been fighting Israel's right to exist as the Jewish State ever since modern day Israel's founding in 1948. Surrounded on all sides by enemies who want them dead, and having had to cope with numerous wars and intifadas in their short history, Israel has nevertheless thrived, and is one of the truly great success stories of the 20th and 21st centuries. Israel has been a world leader in technology and medicine. Now, let me be clear. The United States wants to see peace. The Israelis yearn for peace. It is past time for the Arabs and Palestinians to recognize Israel as the Jewish State."

"Hamas and the other terror groups in Gaza have used millions of dollars in aid in order to turn Gaza into a permanent military base. This stops now. Hamas and all terror groups in Gaza are on notice - you have one month to turn over all your rockets, missiles and other weapons to the United States. We will then destroy those weapons. In addition, Gaza will hold new elections, with only those interested in running a civil society being qualified to run. Once you have done this, you can expect complete cooperation and assistance from the United States in building the institutions and infrastructure required to run a civil society. I have no doubt that the Israelis will help you as well - once you have accepted the above terms."

"But make no mistake. If you choose to subject your people to another century of war, then Israel will have our full support - and you will have none. We will provide Israel with all means necessary to protect their country. Let other actors in the region know this - an all- out assault on Israel will treated as an all-out on the United States of America. The United States will use its military might to protect Israel's existence. Do not think for one minute you will be able to use the UN against Israel. We will block all actions against Israel in the Security Council. As for other UN agencies over which the US has no veto, any sanctions placed against Israel for defending themselves from you will be treated as an action against the United States."

"Now, let the peace begin, and let's start building a civil society for the Palestinian people."