Thursday, July 10, 2014

Israel: MSNBC vs. FOX

* If you want to get some insight into how the left and right view Israel and the current fighting with the Arabs one need look no further than these two cable news stations.

* Today on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell was speaking with US Senator Robert Menendez, and said this: "I want to ask you about Israel and how sustainable is Israel's policy, they say it's self-defense." This woman is not sure if it's self-defense? How about this thought experiment. Let's ask Ms. Mitchell what she would want the police to do if bullets were flying into her home? Would she claim either she or the police should DEFEND her from the attacks? Or would she be happy to just let it go, day after day after day?

* Ms. Mitchell continued: "John Kerry today in Beijing supported their (Israel's) right to self-defense, but they're firing rockets into Gaza, and as I was saying to Israel's ambassador, a key ally of the US, yesterday, is asymmetric. They have Iron Dome so they are going into shelters and it is a terrible strain on the Israeli populace, but the people in Gaza are getting hit because Hamas is reportedly hiding weapons manufacture in civilian - dense civilian - areas, and they are taking terrible casualties."

* What an absolute moron! Israel is firing rockets into Gaza because the Arabs are firing rockets at them. But it's not fair because Israel has Iron Dome (their anti-missile battery) and the Arabs don't. If Ms. Mitchell had any sense (obviously she doesn't) she might bring up a few other facts. Israel left Gaza in 2005. What have the Arabs done with all the billions in aid from the US and other countries? They turned Gaza into a terrorist state is what they did. What if they built factories and homes and grew businesses instead of the relentless pursuit of armaments, all with the still stated goal of killing all the Jews and wiping Israel off the map.

* Furthermore, Ms. Mitchell seems to suggest that because Hamas put their own people in harms way, and are "taking terrible casualties," Israel should stand down. Let me repeat: what a moron! So the Arabs get to fire their rockets into Israel while intentionally targeting Israeli cities and civilians, but Israel cannot return fire because civilians might get hurt. The Israelis actually place telephone calls into the homes of terrorists before they fire their missiles. They warn the civilians to get out. What other country on earth does this?

* None of this matters to Ms. Mitchell because Palestinians are getting killed (maybe up to 100 so far). Don't bother asking Ms. Mitchell about the 100-150,000 Syrians killed so far in their civil war. That doesn't matter for one single reason - those people were not killed by Jews. For the left, the proper role for Jews is to be killed, not to kill.

* Now, let's take a brief look at the comments by Eric Shawn on Fox. (Both shows aired at about the same time earlier today.) Shawn: "And to the Middle East now where the terrorists continue to attack Israel. The sirens wailing yet again just minutes ago; this, as more rockets fall." Look at the difference. Shawn and Fox actually get the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization, declared so by the US State Department.

* Shawn continued: "Israel is coming under an intense barrage of rockets from Hamas - targeting the heartland of the Jewish State." So Shawn and Fox acknowledge that Hamas is targeting the heartland - Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They are targeting cities - civilians. A fact apparently lost on Mitchell.

* The entire tone of Shawn vs. Mitchell is clear. One acknowledges that Israel is our ally, and happens to be in the worst neighborhood in the world. The other lives in her Ivory Tower, leftist dream world. Speaking of which, Obama offered to "facilitate a cessation of hostilities" between the two sides. What good is that if Hamas is just going to rebuild their terrorist infrastructure. You want to end this war Mr. President? Tell the unity government of the PA and Hamas that you will immediately cease all US aid, which is currently going to a group who are killing Jews. Then tell them to lay down ALL their arms and turn over to the US every single rocket and missile in their possession. Then, you will reconsider reinstating aid. Finally, tell them if they acquire any new weaponry US aid will cease again.

* I can't end this without pointing out the idea of another brainchild: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. After expressing his concern for the safety of all civilians (with no concern for who has the moral high ground), he said he would work with world leaders to effectuate a resolution. Such leaders as the King of Saudi Arabia, the Emir of Qatar, the President of Egypt, the head of the Arab League and the head of the Organization of Islamic States. What could possibly go wrong there?