Sunday, August 3, 2014

You Claim You Support Israel?

I am often told how much smarter the Democrats are in comparison with the Republicans. Obama, Hillary, Kerry and Pelosi vs. Bush, Romney, Reagan and, of course, Palin. So let's take a look at these brilliant democrats.

Nancy Pelosi was recently being interviewed on CNN by Candy Crowley. Said Pelosi: "...we have to confer with the Qataris who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization, maybe they could use their influence..." At this point Pelosi was interrupted by Crowley, asking if she knew that the US thinks Hamas is a terrorist organization. With a blank stare on her face Pelosi was only able to get out "hmm hmm." This woman was Speaker of the House, and was next in line to the Presidency after Joe Biden. The Qataris are funding Hamas's terrorist activities; activities that kill Jews. And Pelosi does not know that. And why is she speaking "over and over again" with the Qataris?

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. This is what she recently said: "The problem is, this is something - I'm not a military planner - but Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas, part of it is that Gaza's pretty small and it's very densely populated; they put their command and control of Hamas military leaders in those civilian areas..." Why does everyone but Clinton (and probably Pelosi) know that Hamas intentionally puts their weapons in civilian areas, using their people as human shields, hoping that Israel will not then attack those areas. If Israel does attack, Hamas has the "bonus" of displaying their civilian casualties to a world lacking moral clarity. As for the size of Gaza, it is over 6 times larger than Manhattan, which has a comparable number of people.

John Kerry is the current Secretary of State. He is very busy in the Middle East and elsewhere - trying to accomplish all the wrong things. Egypt had early on proposed an unconditional cease fire, which Israel agreed to. Hamas did not. So Kerry decided it would be a good idea to meet with Qatar and Turkey to work out the terms of a different cease fire. Qatar and Turkey are the two regional players supporting Hamas. So, of course, the plan is to give Hamas everything they want - resulting in victory for them and defeat for Israel. On top of that, Kerry does not invite Egypt or the PA (Abbas) to those discussions, insulting both. Brilliant!

Given Hamas's aggression, given their terrorism, given their dictatorial rule over Gaza, one might think that the proper approach here would be to insist on a surrender and laying down of arms by Hamas - regardless of what Hamas might want. Instead, the plan was to reward Hamas for attacking Israel.

Said retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters of Kerry: "The real problem we have on a practical level is that Secretary Kerry just doesn't seem to have the sort of supple dynamic incisive intelligence you have to have to play in the Middle East..." And, I might add, he is too easily swayed by Palestinian propaganda.

Recall Obama's speech to the Muslim world from Cairo? Mubarek was then President of Egypt and as a slap in the face to Mubarek Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to hear his speech. Mubarek had outlawed the Brotherhood. Hamas is simply an offshoot of the Brotherhood. After Mubarek was deposed, the Muslim Botherhood took over, and immediately started talking about ending the peace agreement with Israel.

Meanwhile, Obama recently offered $47 million to Hamas for "humanitarian" purposes. When Israel was persuaded to allow large amounts of concrete into Gaza for the humanitarian purpose of allowing the Gazans to build infrastructure, that never happened. Now, however, we know where the concrete went - into very deep and sophisticated tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel, all for the purpose of killing and kidnapping Jews. So I wonder what Hamas will do with that $47 million that Obama wishes to reward them with.

Another UN facility was bombed by Israel. It is already known that Hamas hides rockets and missiles in UN complexes. Nevertheless, children were killed. Kerry's spokesperson (Jen Psaki) said the bombing was "disgraceful," and that "the United States is appalled." While the Obama Administration gives lip service to Israeli's right to defend themselves, they really don't mean it. Said Psaki: "The suspicion that militants are operating nearby does not justify strikes that put at risk the lives of so many innocent civilians." But, as noted, that is what Hamas does - they operate in and near civilian areas. Using the Obama Administration's logic then, Israel would never be allowed to defend itself and fight back.

Around the world, and throughout the USA, there have been anti-Israel demonstrations. These demonstrations, often attended by Muslims, quickly turn into anti-Semitic attacks. Said one in Miami: "We are all jihad." And this: "I'm going to kill you m.....f....., you and all the Israelis." Synagogues had swastikas put on them. In one Belgian town a store owner put up a sign "Dogs are allowed in this establishment, but Jews are not under any circumstances." (Quotes from the 7/29/14 and 7/30/14 Investor's Business Daily. I could give more quotes, but you get the point.)

On the CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) website they urged US Muslims to "tell the president and Congress to demand Israel immediately halt its brutal campaign of collective punishment in Gaza and seek justice for the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians." Actually, less than 2000 were killed, but why let truth be an issue. (Quote from the 7/30/14 IBD.) Guess how Muslims tend to vote? 89% voted for Obama in 2008 (per Wikipedia). In other words, liberal Jews vote in a similar manner to those who either would like to see Israel destroyed and Jews killed, or support those who would.

So, if you are a liberal Jew and you voted for Obama and will continue to vote Democrat (because of gay marriage or abortion or some government benefit) then please do not tell me you support Israel. Unless, of course, you believe that any of the above demonstrates support for Israel. What would a President Romney be doing and saying with regards to this war between Israel and Hamas? We cannot know for sure, of course, but recall what Romney said in the 2012 debates about Russia - that Russia was our "number one geopolitical foe." Obama mocked him, saying Romney was taking us back decades to the Cold War. Since then, Hillary had her "reset button" with Russia; and Obama told Medvedev to "tell Vladimir (Putin) I'll have more flexibility after the election." Well, that worked out well.

As a reminder, and as noted in my 7/20/14 post (The Moral Compass), conservative Republicans sympathize with Israel over the Palestinians, with 77% favoring Israel. Liberal Democrats - only 39% favored Israel. My fellow Jews have a decision to make - do you support Democrats or do you support Israel?