Sunday, March 27, 2016

Yet More Insanity

I've said it before. Liberal ideology trumps brilliance; it interferes with one's ability to perceive the world accurately. In a 3/16/16 article by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. in the Wall Street Journal, he discusses Obama's economic policies. He quotes a Nobel Prize winner, Robert Lucas, as follows: "I thought he (Obama) was going to be more Clinton-like in his economics and politics. I was caught by surprise by how far left the guy is." Caught by surprise? How? Did Mr. Lucas sleep through 2008?

How many times did Obama say he wanted to "fundamentally" change America? Clinton never said that. What did Obama tell Joe the Plumber? "It's a good idea to spread the wealth around." Clinton did not say that. What about the man Obama called his "mentor," the radical left-wing Reverend Wright, famously known for his "g-d damn America" speech. Clinton did not attend a church with such a radical leader. So, how can Lucas say he was "caught by surprise?" No, like many Americans, he clearly was either not paying attention, or ideologically he could not perceive the world accurately.

In a story related by Caroline Glick, we learn of pro-Israel, Zionist, Jewish parents who sent their children to a local Jewish day school in Durham, North Carolina. Needless to say, they were rather shocked when their 5 year old came home and asked why the map of Israel hurts some people's feelings, and had to be taken down. It turns out that one teacher there was active in the anti-Israel BDS movement. Worse, the development director was aligned with various anti-Israel groups. The parents, of course, complained, but the Board President accused them of bigotry for opposing the Boycott-Divest-Sanction movement against Israel.

See how it works for the left? Any time you oppose them on any issue you are at least a "bigot," if not a "racist" and a "hater." The true haters are those who support the BDS movement against Israel, but have nothing to say about the treatment of Christians by the Palestinians. They have nothing to say about the treatment of women, gays, and other religions throughout the Muslim world. The true haters are the anti-Semitic BDS followers.

But it is always the same for the left. Oppose Obama's policies? You are a racist. Oppose gay marriage? You are a bigot, a homophobe and a hater. Oppose open borders? You are an anti-Latino racist and hater. Oppose gun control? You hate kids and want to see them killed. Oppose abortion? Clearly you hate women. And on and on it goes.

In a sad story out of Scotland, a Glasgow shopkeeper - a Muslim - was brutally stabbed to death. The police are investigating his killing as possibly being religiously motivated. No, he was not killed by a Christian; he was murdered by another Muslim. However, the murder occurred shortly the shopkeeper put on Facebook: "Good Friday and a very Happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation." How many times has Obama told us that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance?

I have to imagine that any rational person that heard about Lexi, the young girl in Santa Clarita, was heartbroken. You see, the government had to remove her from the Page family. The Pages have been acting as foster parents to Lexi for 4 years. They wanted to adopt her. They also have three of their own children. The problem was not abuse or mistreatment or neglect. No, you see Lexi is 1/64 (1.5%) Native American. Under a federal law, the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1974, Lexi apparently qualifies as Native American. So the government took her away from the family she has known for 4 of her 6 years.

Yes, I know she has had contact for the last three years with the family that is taking her in. But she is being moved to Utah, to live with a family who themselves are not Native American - but related by marriage to the Native American father. The father has a criminal record, and the mother has substance abuse issues, making them unfit to raise their daughter.

For new readers, I posted on January 31, 2016 "The Insanity Continues." My only question is, can we stop the insanity, or is it too late? Are our educational and media institutions so overrun by left-wing ideologues that an ill-informed public, reading only the New York Times or LA Times, has been so brainwashed into believing all the left-wing propaganda? Say it ain't so.